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Flip Chart Software

Free flipchart backgrounds

Use flip chart software to brainstorm
Handwrite with mouse or graphics tablet

Use flipchart software to organize ideas
Type the words and organise a 'brainstorm'

Use flipchart software to annotate ideas
Include graphics and annotate

Use flipchart software to draw diagrams
Draw diagrams and include notes

Suitable for XP, XP Tablet, Vista, Windows 7 and 8

Also compatible with interactive whiteboards and graphics tablets

Flipchart software for your desktop ...

No space on your wall for a paper flip chart?

Need a less bulky and more permanent way to keep your flipchart pages?

Why not use your PC, laptop or tablet to create digital flipcharts?

  • Say 'no' to white flipcharts - customize your NotateIt flipcharts with colour and add backgrounds like columns, lines and graph paper

  • Page size is your choice - make your flipchart pages as large or as small as you need - no wasted paper

  • Don't run out of pages - when you need more space, just add another 'page' to your flipchart book and drag it into order with the page tabs

  • Include graphics like drawings, photos, movies, animations and clipart

  • Hyperlink around a page, from page to page, to web sites or to any other document

  • Share your thoughts - print your NotateIt flipchart any time you like - no more inconvenience of trying to photocopy a large paper flipchart page!

  • Include your flipchart notes in any other Windows application - export your diagrams and notes with ease

  • Best of all, your notes on NotateIt's flip charts are totally private (unless, of course, you project them on the wall, like a real flipchart, for everyone to see!)

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