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Customizing your Toolbars (3 of 10)

The Commands Tab

    All NotateIt commands are listed within the 'Commands' tab.

From this tab you can:
Commands Tab

All current menu names are listed in the 'Categories' box.

Click on a name to see the commands currently attached to that specific menu.

Click on the 'All Commands' category to see an alphabetical list of all the commands used in NotateIt.

* Adding a new menu

If you want to create a new menu of your own, click on the 'New Menu' category located towards the bottom of the list.

New menu

Click 'New Menu' in the 'Commands' list and drag it off the Customize dialog box and on to the menu bar in the position you want your new menu to be located.

A thick black line shows where the menu will land when you release the mouse button.

Release the mouse button. The name "New Menu" appears on the menu bar. Not a very useful name!

Right-click on 'New Menu' in the menu bar and a menu appears for managing menus.

Right-click menu

Click on 'Button Appearance' and a new dialog box is shown.

Enter your new name in the 'Button Text' box and click OK.

To restore your menus to their original state, click on the Menu tab.

* Adding items to a menu

Locate the command that you want to place on the menu.

To do this, choose a category in the 'Categories' list and then choose the appropriate command in the 'Commands' list.

Click the command that you want on the menu and drag it out of the 'Customize' dialog box and over the name of the menu you want to place it on. Locate where in the menu you want the command to go (thick black line will help you) and drop it in position.

* Removing items from a menu

With the 'Customize' dialog box open, open the menu and locate the command to remove.

Drag the command off the menu and drop it anywhere on your screen.

* Adding and removing separators

Click to open the menu, right-click the menu option that is to appear below or to the right of the separator, click to open the menu and check 'Start Group' on the drop-down menu.

To remove a separator, right-click the menu option below the separator and uncheck the 'Start Group' option on the drop-down menu.

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