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Customizing your Toolbars (4 of 10)

The Toolbars Tab

    As long as the Customize dialog box is open, you can drag buttons from toolbar to toolbar, put new buttons on toolbars (see Commands), or create new tool bars.

* Creating your own toolbars

You can create up to 3 of your own unique toolbars within NotateIt.

If you prefer to see text labels as well as icons on your toolbars, tick the 'Show text labels' box.

With text labels

Without text labels
Showing text labels as well as icons reduces the size of your drawing area and may even make the toolbar extend further than the width of the screen in exceptional circumstances.

* To add a toolbar

Click on the 'New' button and you'll see the New Toolbar dialog box.

Enter a descriptive name for your toolbar. This is the name that will appear in the title bar.

Click OK and a small toolbar appears on-screen.

Click on the 'Commands' tab then drag and drop chosen commands on to your new toolbar. This process is explained in more detail in the Commands section.

* To delete a toolbar

Select the toolbar name from the 'Toolbars' box and click the Delete button.

Note that you can't delete a NotateIt toolbar.

* To rename a toolbar

Select the toolbar name from the 'Toolbars' box and click the Rename button.

Note that you can't rename a NotateIt toolbar.

* Adding and removing separators

Click the toolbar button that is to be to the right of the separator and drag the button ever so slightly to the right.

When you do this correctly, the separator line appears.

To remove a separator, click the button to its right and drag the button very slightly to the left.

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