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Customizing your Toolbars (8 of 10)

Dynamic Toolbar Buttons

    Wherever the command buttons (shown below) appear on a toolbar, each one can be dynamically changed into another button in the set.

In addition, you can also choose a different colour and/or line style for the selected button.

This is a very quick and easy way to tailor your toolbars to your personal working preferences, instead of using the 'Customize' dialog box.

Dynamic buttons can be used on toolbars in Desktop, Annotate, Presentation and Dynamic Whiteboard modes.

Changeable Toolbar Buttons
Dynamic toolbar buttons

To change a button, right-click on it and a menu is displayed.

Choose your new drawing tool from the list and click on it.

To change the colour or line style (if applicable) of a drawing tool, right-click on the button and select the colour or line style option from the menu.

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