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Customizing your Toolbars (9 of 10)

Moving your toolbars around the screen

    The first time you open NotateIt, the menu bar and all the toolbars are 'docked' at the top of the window like this:

Startup toolbar positions

Using the 'handles' on each toolbar, you can drag them to any position on the screen that suits your preferred way of working:

Toolbar handle

If you drag them into the centre of the screen, they become 'floating' toolbars, which you can move around by dragging from the title bar:

Floating toolbars

To make the bars wider/narrower or longer/shorter, drag the edges of the toolbar.

Toolbars can also be 'docked' at the sides or the bottom of your window as well as at the top.

Drag and drop the toolbar to whichever edge is most suitable for you.

Docked toolbars

When you close NotateIt, the current status of your toolbar positioning is stored away. The next time you open NotateIt, the toolbars will still be displayed where you last left them.

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