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Customizing your Toolbars (10 of 10)

Transferring Toolbar Settings

    When NotateIt is used for the first time, the default options are set so that any changes you make to the toolbars, menus etc. are kept intact.

(From the menu bar, click on Tools | Options)

This means that the next time you use NotateIt, toolbars and menus are displayed exactly as you left them.

NotateIt stores all of these settings in your Registry and updates them each time the program is closed.

Because of this, you can export the settings and use them in various ways:
  • To keep your toolbars and menus looking the same when you use NotateIt on different computers (especially useful for Roving licences)
  • To build different sets of customized toolbars for different working modes (e.g. a Presentation set, an Annotate set etc.)
  • To share your settings with other people
  • As a backup in case of machine failure or if the check box in the tool options (shown above) is unticked by mistake
As well as saving the toolbar and menu settings, recently used files and file paths are also stored.

How to find the export settings option
The resulting file from the export can be edited in Notepad or any other text editor. For example, you may want to remove file paths if preparing settings for someone else to use where their file paths may not be the same as yours.

Exported settings have the file suffix .reg:

To install different settings on to your computer, close NotateIt then, using Windows Explorer, double-click on the exported file name.

The new settings will automatically import and overwrite your original settings.

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