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Creating a Presentation (2 of 8)

Decide on your background

    Page backgrounds can be white, coloured or incorporate a special background image that may include your logo or company information.

You can even incorporate lines and grids.

Samples of background images can be downloaded directly from NotateIt's on-line User Resource Area, if you need something to get you started.

Just open NotateIt and go to:
Help | Resources and Support

Creating your own backgrounds

There are two ways to create your own background images:
  1. Use NotateIt's Save Page as Picture option (from the File menu).

  2. Use any 'paint' or graphics program that 'saves' images in any of these formats:

    Supported file types for background images

    If you want to avoid any distortion when the image is displayed in your presentation, ensure that the size of your image is the same size as the pages you intend to create in NotateIt.

Inserting background images

To insert a background image, from the menu bar go to:
Page | New page image
Page menu

Having inserted the image, if you want to use this background consistently throughout your presentation, go to:
Page | Set as Background Theme
You can always override background themes on individual pages, if you need to, by inserting a new background image for a single page.

The Brainstorming Process sample workbook uses a background image which incorporates:

a company logo in the top right corner Including a company logo

and a copyright notice in the bottom left hand corner.


Including a copyright notice

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