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Creating a Presentation (4 of 8)

The First Page

    Generally, the first page will be your title page.

In our simple example, the first page contains an image and the title text.

The Brainstorming Process

Insert a picture To insert an image, go to Insert | Insert Picture... and select your image or use the 'Picture' button on the toolbar.

Use the text tool To insert text, either go to Draw | Text or use the 'Text' button on the toolbar.

Click at the point in the working area where you want the text to be placed and type.

Font, font size, bold/italic options and justification can all be selected from the text toolbar:

Use the text toolbar to change text properties

Changing the colour of text The colour of text can be changed by selecting it and going to Object | Colour or use the 'Colour Picker' button on the toolbar.

Select the image and/or text and drag them into suitable positions.

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