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Creating a Presentation (5 of 8)


    In 'The Brainstorming Process' sample, pages 2, 3 and 4 all contain imported images and text and are aligned in different ways.

Alignment is always a matter of personal choice but there are some aids in NotateIt that can help you.

The cursor co-ordinates are shown in the status bar at the bottom of the screen. If your image or text is selected, those co-ordinates are shown as well.

This means that you can drag objects to specific points in your working area or 'nudge' them with the cursor keys for precise alignment.

Snap to Grid The 'snap to grid' facility is also another useful tool for alignment. You can turn this on and off from
Page | Snap to Grid or use the toolbar button.
(Professional Edition only)

Grid and Line settings As well as 'snapping to grid', you can create custom grid and line settings and change the 'snap' intervals.
Go to Page | Grid/Line Settings.
(Professional Edition only)

If you're displaying grid points or lines to help with alignment, they will appear in a printed copy of your presentation and they will show up in Presentation Mode. You'll need to remember to turn the grid/lines off before the final viewing.

Inserting a temporary background is another way of assisting alignment. When your layout is complete, revert to your original background for that page.

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