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Creating a Presentation (6 of 8)

Drawing your own objects

    The fifth page of 'The Brainstorming Process' sample consists of text, graphics and drawn objects.

How to structure a brainstorming session

Although NotateIt is a presentation aid and not a 'painting' program, it does have some really handy sketching tools for making your own images quickly.

Drawing straight lines Straight lines can be drawn either with the line tool on the toolbar or select Draw | Straight Lines from the menu bar.
Choose a line width or style You can preselect line width ...
Select a suitable colour ... and colour before you draw.

For perfectly straight vertical, horizontal or multiple 15 degree angled lines, hold down the Shift key as you draw.

Putting arrowheads on lines Use the arrow toggle button if you need an arrowhead on your line. Arrowheads will always be placed at the finishing point.

Drawing a filled circle To draw the numbered 'bullets', first draw a filled circle in the size you need. Holding down the Shift key as you draw will give you a perfect circle.

Using the Colour Picker If you need to change the colour of your circle, select it then use the Colour Picker tool from the toolbar.

'Copy' the circle and 'paste' it into your working area as many times as you need, then move the circles into their final position (see Alignment).

Using the text tool, place a number into each circle. You may need to move the numbers slightly so they are in the centre of the circles. If you select a number, you can 'nudge' it, one pixel at a time, by using the cursor keys on your keyboard.

Using the Colour Picker When the numbers are positioned exactly, 'grouping' each number and its circle together will make it easier for you to move them around if you need to.

Add your text and graphics and the page is complete.

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