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Creating a Presentation (8 of 8)

Presenting your Presentation

    There are two ways to present your NotateIt files to an audience:

1. Presentation Mode

This mode allows you to show your presentation and annotate over the top of it.

Any annotations that you make are saved, together with the original presentation, in a completely new file that can be edited later if you wish.

Your original presentation remains unchanged and intact.

Go to Tools | Show as Presentation.

You have a full screen display area, navigation buttons and a dynamic toolset for annotations.

Each button in the drawing toolset can be changed 'on the fly' to your own personal preferences just by double clicking on them.

You can also print directly from this mode if you need to distribute a hard copy to your audience immediately.

2. The NotateIt Viewer

The NotateIt Viewer is a free, 'read only' version of NotateIt.

You can copy and distribute this viewer to anyone who needs to present or look at the workbooks you've prepared with the full version of NotateIt.

As a presentation aid, objects can still be selected and moved around on the pages, but any changes made to your original workbook can't be saved.

The viewer is especially useful where, for example, teachers or trainers need to distribute worksheets/notes/presentations to their students, without the need to print them out.

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