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"This is how software should work, as a tool - not a challenge."

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Whiteboard software

... or digital flipchart?

NotateIt creates your own personal electronic 'whiteboard' or digital flipchart - right there on your desktop - challenging you to explore your creative ideas in a totally different and flexible way.

Mind mapping with whiteboard software It's a personal, digital, multi-page whiteboard with a 'magnetic' personality, allowing you to drag and drop your notes and images around the page.

It's easy and intuitive to use - you can be 'up and running' as quickly as possible, using all the skills you have and not wasting time buried deep in a manual!

Use NotateIt for note-taking, brainstorming, training, collating information and a whole range of other applications in business, education or at home.

Capture all your handwritten notes, text, pictures, screenshots and diagrams into NotateIt's multi-page flipchart workbooks and add hyperlinks to organise and use them more effectively.

Note-taking, organising ideas and more ...
You can even make screen recordings and playback your 'movies'.

Personalise your page layouts with different background images (e.g. graph paper, lined paper, maps or forms). There are lots to choose from in the free Resource Library

Create your own design of graph paper or grids or lines with NotateIt's built-in gridding options.

NotateIt complements your individual style for capturing and organising your thoughts and ideas.

It gives you all the free-format flexibility of a paper flipchart or magnetic whiteboard but with the added benefit that you can save and distribute your results to use again and again.

With so many features, the application possibilities for NotateIt are as endless as your imagination.

Our users said ...
...and it is amazing how fast and good you can draw diagrams using NotateIt... I mean, this is one of the programs with which you get really productive in 5 minutes!!

I downloaded it
and love it ...

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